Read My Mind

Intuition is a spiritual faculty
and does not explain, but simply
points the way.

~ Florence Scovel Shinn

The other day I wanted to groom our four cats, bathe our dog, clip their toenails, and brush their teeth.  As soon as I thought about doing it, our dog went to the other end of the house to hide.  Then our most fearful cat jumped off the sofa and hid under the furniture.  They were able to read my thoughts.  I had no equipment out and hadn’t picked anyone up at that point.  I was just thinking about it.

I have no doubt that we can read each other’s minds and communicate without speaking.  I test the animals by thinking different things as I approach them.  When they are aware that I have no intention of grooming them, they lie in my path and I have to step over them.  But if I walk into the room thinking about something they don’t want, like a trip to the vet, they are gone.  Two outdoor cats didn’t show up for a week when I made a vet appointment for their annual checkup.  When I canceled the appointment they showed up for breakfast THE NEXT DAY.

Sometimes we block our intuitive abilities and take our antennas down, because as humans we talk only in words.  Animals have many ways of communicating, using sounds, images, or intuition.  Like them we need to become more aware of our other sources of communication.

Remember to be open to listening and speaking without words.