Reflection and Affection

Dear Everybody,

If you are thinking about resolutions to make January 1, 2020, here’s one that almost everybody can easily keep, and it will pay off with the priceless dividend of self-confidence for the rest of your life.  Happy New Year!

We are disturbed not by things,
but by the view which we take of them.

~ Epictetus

A while back one of our cats and I stood before the mirror.  The cat, named Miracle, seemed not at all concerned with the condition of her fur coat, her crooked tail, or other physical defects.  She just looked at herself and made no requests for a brushing, shampoo, or plastic surgery.

I looked at myself and was not quite as happy with my body.  I felt it could use some changes.  But I guess I am not up to making the ones that would make a difference, and I am not one for plastic surgery.  I admired Miracle’s attitude and tried to learn from her instead.

My sense is that she accepts herself, and I have trouble doing that.  I want to be able to look in the mirror someday and just say, “Hi, it’s me” to my body the way Miracle does.  Hopefully, with practice, one day I will be able to do just that.

Every day greet your reflection with affection and acceptance.

– Bernie

  1. Matthew Janeway

    Dr. Siegel,

    My Mom tells me that you operated on me when I was first born -a double hernia. We are wondering if you remember.

    Thank you,