Guns aren’t lawful; nooses give;
Gas smells awful; you might as well live.

~ Dorothy Parker

Many years ago a dear friend of mine told me he was very depressed and dealing with many problems.  One day when his wife left the house to go shopping, he decided to commit suicide.  He went to the garage to start his car and planned to sit there and inhale the exhaust, but he couldn’t get the car started.  So he called AAA.  When the service man arrived and asked what the problem was, what could he say: “I am trying to commit suicide and the damn car won’t start”?

Another friend with AIDS decided he would commit suicide and not have to face his disease.  He went out to the garage and started his car with no trouble.  But after an hour or two he realized you don’t die if you have a diesel; you just get filthy.

Both of these men went on living full lives.  The compassion of the AAA serviceman changed my friend’s life.  The man sensed a problem and stayed with him until his wife came home.  My friend with AIDS went back in the house, bathed, cleaned up, and decided to get a new wardrobe and redecorate his house.  He found a new life and is doing fine.

Give your life a charge, start it up, and put your foot on the accelerator.


  1. Pernilla

    Spot on Bernie! Thanks for the reminder to charge forward – just what I needed today!