Get Out of Your Own Way!

Good morning lovely you.

Get Out of Your Own Way!

We may genuinely want to heal, but we subconsciously create drama and circumstances in our lives that keep us stuck in an unhealthy relationship with ourselves.

When you find yourself facing obstacles that appear to be blocking you from healing it is important not to become cynical and discouraged.

We can get stuck and it seems to happen for no reason so we worry and wonder why.

There are circumstances in our subconscious preventing us from moving forward, and it can be so discouraging. I remember saying to myself sometimes when I was sick. “Why do I feel so out of control and stuck when I know better.” I knew I needed to eat well, meditate and work on forgiving and healing from within but sometimes I would get stuck and avoid doing the things I needed to do. What is that all about?

Maybe you bought an amazing healing program that you know you must start and have never even looked at the first video. Are you making all the excuses under the sun?

Why do we get stuck when we know we have to take better care of ourselves. If a cancer diagnosis won’t make us wake up and get our health back on track. What will?

It is truly amazing how often we can get in our own way. Most of the time without even being aware that we are doing so. Also, even though you know you want to heal there seems to be reasons that pop up from nowhere and block us or stop us from our own efforts.

It is because we don’t believe in ourselves that we have the power to heal?

Is it because we are afraid to start and fail?

Are we blocked because it seems overwhelming and too difficult to do?

What is it that stops you from starting?

If you know that you are standing in your own way of receiving true healing you had better wake up lovely you. Your time is now.

This is what I do when I feel stuck and can’t move forward in a way I know will be the right way for me to heal something in my life or accomplish a goal:

Take a piece of paper out and write down all the stuff that is in the way. All the thoughts in your head that stop you. Keep writing them down until you can’t think of another word. Recognize all of your thoughts and feelings. Read over everything on that piece of paper and then let it go. Set your intention to release the stuff holding you back and burn the pages (In a safe place, of course!) or cut them up into tiny pieces and throw them out. Now you are ready to start again with a new set of intentions. A clean slate. A new canvas.

The fear is gone. The negative thoughts are gone. You are free to start again.

You have instructed your subconscious mind to let it go. You are in charge now and on your way to true healing.

No blame, No shame.

At Prue’s Place we are healing our lives one day at a time!

Love and light on your path today.