Q & A with Bernie – February 10, 2020

Dear Everybody,

I have corresponded with someone for over a year now about dreams and what they may mean.  I’ve included my latest question from your fellow reader here, and added more information from a post on my website about interpreting dreams.

Question for Bernie:

I dreamed that my friend said to me that, besides other things, he loves triangles—a pretty strange dream and I am not sure what it really means.

Bernie’s Answer:

All shapes mean something.  I don’t know about triangles, but the sharp changes in directions and lines, unlike a circle where going around is smooth, may mean that you are experiencing change which often brings a sense of going in different directions with it, with or without a sense of confusion.  It can be exhilarating and does not mean necessarily that the movement in your life is negative—it could be very positive.

For more on how to interpret dreams, click this link: “Making the Invisible Visiblehow dreams and drawings reveal the unknown and invisible.”