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I get tired, just every now and then, of beating my head against certain walls that people and I build between people and me.

Our connections and relationships keep us alive by giving our lives meaning. So why do we build walls around ourselves? I believe it is out of fear: what will others think if they see me, my home, my life, and what I am doing?

Walls keep us from seeing the truth and knowing one another.  We cannot become one family if walls separate us.  Break down the walls by coming out from behind yours and letting people know you.  You can start with a small crack and by removing a few stones.  When you see the benefit of revealing yourself, it will become easier to take the entire wall down.  Until you have removed the separation, you will never know the people on the other side of the wall.

But if you’re not quite ready to take the whole wall down, at least build it out of glass.  That way you can both feel safe and still be able to see each other’s truth.  After a while there will be no need for a wall.

Be a wall buster rather than a wall builder.