Declare and Devote

Make love, not war!
~ Antiwar Slogan

We frequently hear our political leaders speaking about declaring war against other peoples and nationals.  They are very devoted to the process of conflict, war, getting even, punishing others in damaging ways.  They are seemingly not in touch with the people who suffer because of these declarations and devotions.

What would happen if our leaders were to declare love and devote themselves not to changing and punishing others, but to caring for and loving them?  You can read these lines and nod in approval, but what if the questions were asked of you?  Have you declared war against friends or family members and devoted yourself to changing their bad habits through criticism and conflict? Well, if you want peace of mind and happiness in your life and in the world, declare love and devote yourself to other people’s well-being rather than trying to change them.

What will you declare, love or war?