Love and Luaghter Hold Our Lives Together

“This proud picture of human grandeur is unfortunately an illusion only and is counterbalanced by the reality which is very different. In this reality, man is the slave and victim of the machines that have conquered space and time for him.”
~ Carl Jung

Yes, we keep reading about how all these devices are now the rage and what are they doing to our lives when we are more involved with devices than we are with other human beings. I think we should have national holidays where we are only allowed to talk to people or communicate via handwritten letters to them.

I don’t deny the benefits of devices, and how they may help us educate students, improve our homes, our health and more. But we must remember to focus on the people and not the mechanical devices lest they make us into robots, too.

As humans, it is love and laughter that we require to build and hold our lives together. For me love makes up the bricks which we build with. Ask yourself what you are capable of loving and you will know what your life is about.

But what holds that life and the bricks together? We need mortar, and the mortar of life is humor. For me this represents childlike humor that isn’t offensive and doesn’t hurt or upset anyone. Humor of this type heals lives. It is very hard, if not impossible, to not relate to someone who loves you and gets you laughing. Love and laughter break down the walls which separate us, instead building walls which protect us as we become family.

I will add if you want to define your life, answer these questions: Who can I love? Who can I hate? What is evil? Who is the enemy? Then compare your answers to those of Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Buddha, and Jesus.