Express Yourself – The Key to Healing

There are many situations and circumstances in life which make us pessimistic. It might be easy to give up hope, particularly when others make discouraging comments. Let us always believe in the benevolence of our loving Creator. Let this belief be so strong that nothing anyone says can cause us to lose hope.

It isn’t easy to be strong, but I can say that I have seen the benefits of faith in my work and life. I know of several people who have had their life threatening cancers disappear when they left their troubles to God and believed. Too often we feel guilty and that God is punishing us. It ain’t so. God tries to help you to find what you have lost and doesn’t inflict problems to make you more spiritual. One day I wasn’t in that place of faith, and my view of life led me to write the following poem.


The lord is my persecutor
I have many needs
He maketh me to lie down on beds of nails
He leadeth me into the stormy sea
He troubles my soul
He misleadeth me into the paths of unrighteousness for no reason
Yea when i walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I have plenty to worry about and fear
For thou art on vacation
They rod and thy staff I keep tripping over
Thou preparest a table with no utensils in the presence of mine enemies
Thou messest up my hair
My cup runneth over and spills a hot drink into my lap
Surely misery and punishment will follow me all the days of my life
And I shall dwell in the basement of the lord’s house forever.

Now do you all feel better? Yes, I smile when I read it. This collection of poetry I am sharing dates back many years to a time when I felt what Jung said, “A secret unrest gnaws at the roots of our being.” Painting and writing “poetry” helped me to heal. I found that anything creative that made me lose track of time was very healing.

I truly suggest to all of you that you start a poetry book, and don’t worry about rhyming or punctuation. The key is to express what is within you and that includes humor as well as pain. When it is expressed you can heal. When it is stored within you it creates physical and emotional problems trying to get your attention.  So, listen to your very best friend—your own body.

Peace and healing,