Maps and Guides for Life

One of the themes I keep repeating is that we can all be helped on our journey through life by maps and guides who have passed this way before us. The maps can be advice from others, books, spiritual teachings, instructions and more, and the guides can be other living things who become our role models. I truly mean all living things because the ability to get though difficult emotional or physical situations is built into all of creation.

Rehearse and practice becoming the person you want to be. And remember, you’ve got a lifetime to get it right, so don’t be tough on yourself.  Be compassionate with constructive criticism of yourself, and seek guidance and coaching to help you take full advantage of your new perspectives.  I learned that without supporting my own mind, body, and spirit fully, I can’t be much help to others—certainly not as much as I want to be.

Leo Rosten said, “The purpose of life is not to be happy but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you have lived at all.” I will add that we must not merely live, but express love in our own unique way. I know from my experience when I am going through tough times and ask myself what am I to learn from this, the answer is always about being compassionate to those in need. I once heard a very ill child who was being reassured that God was with him, say “Yeah, but sometimes I need God with skin on.” I need to be “God with skin on” for those in need.



    Thanks to your books and old audio tapes, there have been many time that you have been the skin of God for me in my life and thankfully I am not dealing with life threatening illnesses. Thank you for being you and being there for so many of us when in need. I am sending you ((((( Virtual hugs!))))) when they are needed most during this Pandemic and real hugs are out of the question.