Q & A with Bernie – August 17, 2020

Question for Bernie:

Hi Bernie,

Our three year old daughter India has stage 4 Neuroblastoma. In the six months since diagnosis she has had four rounds of chemo, a successful surgery to remove the main mass in her chest, and MIBG therapy.

Apart from the surgery, the cancer has only stabilized, not shrunk from the chemo or MIBG. She has a Curie score of 27, and it is in her bones and bone marrow. We will be starting immunotherapy with a different type of chemo in a week.

India is a very robust child (could swim at 2), but was extremely sick in the weeks prior to diagnosis, and then before they started chemo.  But once she got that first chemo, she got her legs back after being bedridden for three weeks and her nutrition is up—she is as robust today as she was BC (before cancer).

Your book was recommended to me, and it arrived on the perfect day, the day we found out the MIBG didn’t have the impact we wanted. While I wanted to go down the drain with the water in the shower, my girls (I also have a one year old), and your book and my faith got me through.

I am trying to do everything to make India’s days as fun and love filled as possible, and I am channeling many of your points. When I read the book, I read it is an ‘exceptional parent’ as I feel that I need to channel much of the positive healing through her.

I never say she is sick when we go to the hospital because at the beginning she would cry all the way. Now she is asking to go because she loves it so much. I just say that we have to do our jobs, and that she is getting stronger. We do positive mantras loving her body and calling it to heal.

My question is though, should I tell her she has cancer? In the beginning I said some naughty fairies got into her body, and we have to make the good fairies strong to get rid of them. But I haven’t said this very much lately, as I am just focusing on positivity and getting stronger. Plus as she is three, I feel that allowing her some ignorance as bliss is a gift. When she went for surgery, we were just going on a “bear hunt” – luckily we found some painted ones on the wall!

Thank you, in strength…

Bernie’s Answer:

I would stick with the naughty fairies or maybe a witch. Your daughter and the good fairies are going to get the bad fairies (or witch) to leave her body.  Visualize this with her several times a day: See her body free of the bad fairies (or witch) making your daughter and all of her good fairies so happy to be in a healthy home!

If she draws any crayon pictures (with free choice of colors) of herself or her fairies, you can email them to me for comments, and I will let your know any further insights.


2 Responses

  1. Vivian D'angelo-Camara

    What a sad story. My heart goes out to the mother and child. Sometimes life can be so unfair.

    I like the idea of the good fairies and the witch and I believe that with faith and courage things will not be so bad. I have great faith in you, Bernie, with your sage advice. Your book, Miracles and Medicine ( I forgot the title) got me through a bad time many years ago.

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