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This is a guest post submitted by Prudence Sinclair.

Hello, Lovely You,

How are you on this wonderful Thursday afternoon? I am a little late with my broadcast today due to work issues that dragged me away from writing to you this morning. I’m back now and ready to write.

Are You Happy or Unhappy right now?

Can you answer this question honestly?

Which one is prevalent in your life, and which one is holding your back from being who you desire to be?

Are you fearful, worried, angry, jealous? Do you hate someone right now? Have you heard yourself, say, I hate him/her? How did that make you feel when you said the word HATE out loud.

All of the above words and feelings to those words will keep you unhappy and take you down a road you do not want to go. Your dreams and ambitions will be lost if you keep saying and feeling the energy from these negative emotions.

Are you hopeful, grateful, thankful and generous?

Are you kind, courageous, and loving?

Are you patient and sympathetic?

Do you aspire to live your best life?

All of these positive words come from your soul, and the more you use them and mean them, the happier you will become. It is that easy!!

Prue’s thought for today: “What words will you use today, tomorrow, and every day?”

Stay happy!