Q & A with Bernie – September 21, 2020

Question for Bernie:

Hi Bernie,

I’ve been practicing your suggestions. I find that I have an emotional glitch in loving my body. This stems from the shock and fear I felt when I got a diagnosis of breast cancer. The body that I had trusted and relied on, “turned on me” – or so it felt. I am positive that you understand this. What are your thoughts?

Bernie’s Answer:

Your body did not get a “live and love” message from you about itself and your life, so it reacts by giving you a way out of your life. Remember the well-known statistic showing Monday morning as the time of day when more heart attacks happen. Tell your body that you know it and love it every moment of your life in every state of health; tell your body, mind, and spirit that you love your life, and you know that each moment is yours and precious just by itself.

Healing and everyday happiness can come about from having humor in our lives. When we laugh for what may seem like no special reason every 3-4 hours, we cannot feel negative emotions at the same moment. These little bursts of laughter release hormones that make us feel happy, not anxious. If you do three or four of these humorous healing moments spaced out over each day, your body will accumulate the benefits of being fully relaxed and open to healing. This is not about blame and guilt—it is just life. Genes get turned on. Follow your heart, and do what makes you happy within your life’s time.

Peace and love,