Q & A with Bernie – September 7, 2020

Question for Bernie:

Dear Dr.  Siegel,

How are you doing?  I am doing fantastic post mastectomy.  I have started back to work (school nurse) and hope for the best regarding COVID.  I am reading the book you suggested, Faith, Hope and Love.  I am again inspired.  I have met, through my cancer journey some very brilliant doctors, who can’t seem to understand the mind body connection.  Healing as you stated is not just surgery or a pill, it also involves our beliefs and how we feel in our minds.

I love the part in the book where you are in the Marathon and find a quarter and then a penny (26 cents for the 26 miles you were to run, and then knew you were in the right place).  I am trying to keep positive (mind over matter) these days with all the COVID scares. I find I have to back away from those people who are negative. Thanks for all your help.  Have a great weekend.  I hope you can start up ECAP someday.

Bernie’s Answer:

You are so right. Years ago I was the controversial Dr. Siegel.  There are no coincidences.

Tell the doctors to read my books, too.

With time, at Yale the doctors began to love my “crazy” patients because they did so well!


Question for Bernie:

Dear Dr. Siegel,

I tell all the doctors to read your books; my naturopath is probably the only one that showed any interest.  You may have been controversial, but were right on with the mind body connection and healing.  I am now going to start writing down my dreams, because I lose them very quickly when I get up.  A few I still remember to this day.

Hope you have a nice rest of the weekend.

P.S. And thanks for responding to me, I so appreciate it.  I just feel so fortunate that I am able to read your books and get to be in communication with you.  You and all the prayers I receive are what have helped me so much in this journey.

I am now in the decision journey about the current medication to keep cancer away, but it is worsening my bones (osteoporosis).  Any alternative medications come with very severe side effects.  I am working with the naturopathic doctor, and am in the process of finding a new cancer doctor who is more in line with the way I would like to heal.  I am meeting with one this week.

Bernie’s Answer:

There are many anti-estrogen natural foods and substances.

I hope your naturopath will guide you.

…and keep loving your body.


  1. Ana

    Hi Dr. Bernie,
    I feel so blessed to being able to read you. I love all your answers. I think that all humanity problema come from body identification. Most people believe they are their body. We carry a body but we’re light beings, so no fear can reach us.
    I was diagnosed twice with breast cancer (one year before the first diagnosed my younger brother passed away because he couldn’t recover from his colon cancer). Both times I was operated on but I didn’t take either chemotherapy nor tamoxifen or any aromatase inhibitor. I went to a New German medicine doctor and started a way to understand within me what was my cancer trying to tell me. It was long ago 12 years and I went on with my self knowledge journey. Thank you for being there. God bless you and all the humanity.