Q & A with Bernie – October 26, 2020

Dear everybody,

A young woman called me decades ago to help her find Jack Kevorkian and commit suicide.  Instead, she became my chosen daughter and is alive and loving today.  Read her recent message to me which she sent along with a revision of an earlier poem.  And then read her poem.

Peace and love,

To Bernie, Chosen Dad, from His Chosen Daughter ~

Hi! I wanted to write to you and add my poem-revised and certain parts that I wrote on October 13th, 2020. It is the first poem I have written in several years. Give me your honest opinion on the subject.

I thought about putting it on www.CaringBridge.org.

Love you so much.

What It Means To Me to Have Multiple Brain Lesions

It means having short hair as a result of brain surgeries.
It means, after 31 years of living with this, still longing for long hair, at times.

It means, thanking God each morning that I have another day!
It means having pain though & at times, cursing God because of all the pain caused by the brain lesions & multiple brain surgeries.
It means, having to make out my first will at the age of 19 years.

It means, after 31 years, my heart still leaps every time I think about it.
It means still having the support of friends & realizing I am not alone, ever!
It means, due to side effects, I am reminded of the brain lesions every day, even after 31 years!
It means, having Gamma Knife Radiation again!

It means being “medically retired” from my Computer Programmer/Analyst position.
It means going on Medicare-Yay!
It means no longer being scared & facing death because of my position I was facing.
It means loving life!
It means, because of my position I was facing, still being older than others my own age.

It means still enjoying the innocence of a young child & loving how they love life!
It means having learned to give myself some time and space.
It means losing friends and gaining new ones.
It means strength and weaknesses.

It means looking at medical textbooks out of curiosity more than anything.

It means going thru several dogs-thank you Charlie Brown, Tosha, JJ, Sonny, Sheba, Foxxy, Bandit and Stanly! Each dog has helped me learn about loving myself.  I owe so much to each dog.

It means having Stanly, an emotional support dog that loves me for me!

It means, FINALLY, realizing I LOVE myself-ME!

  1. Joanne Maggio

    So so beautiful. Reminds me how much I have to be thankful for and pray that each day your chosen daughter and you will have happiness, joy, love and peace.