Self Care is the Best Medicine

Dear Bernie:

I meant to tell you this, Bernie, about what kind of a friend you are. Years ago I read in one of your books that before going into surgery, we should ask our blood supply to move away from the surgical site.  Not long after that, I had to have a complete hysterectomy, and I remembered what you had said.

So the night before surgery, I did that—spoke to my blood supply and sent it support and love and asked it to stay back from the site.   After the surgery, I remember hearing the doctor say to the nurses that never in all her career had she seen so little blood at the site!

I didn’t know you then, so couldn’t tell you.  Thank you for your incredible healing advice.

Bernie’s Answer:

It is always positive to hear from someone who has experienced the power we all have of intentional healing over our bodies when we understand how to help our mind, body, and spirit work together to attain healing balance, for extra help i like to use CBD, I use coupons when buying , you and try this  Fab CBD coupon next this.

Thank you for sharing your story with us. It reminds us that we should take the time to really focus on caring for ourselves first so we can be there for others in our life.

Peace and love,