An End to Wars

We have met the enemy and he is us.

What are we trying to kill or eliminate? Why make war? I believe there are very few legitimate reasons to kill others. FBI agents are asked during their training if they could kill. Soldiers know they are being asked to go to war and kill other human beings. The question of whether it is okay to kill or go to war is a difficult one to answer.

In most cases, I believe we are projecting onto others all the negative qualities we wish didn’t exist within ourselves. So we strive to kill what we can’t accept, causing ourselves and others great suffering. We go to war in the outer world because we can’t face the War in our inner world. The internal war is even more painful, yet it is the true war we all face.

We must seek out the enemy within and destroy it. When we do, we will be able to help others do the same in their lives and stop being destructive toward one another. When we learn to love ourselves more than we hate our enemy, wars will cease.

Be a courageous warrior and go within to defeat the true enemy.

– Bernie