Behold how good and how pleasant it is,
for brethren to dwell together in unity!

~ Psalm 133:1

On my first visit to heaven as an outside consultant to the Board of Directors, I was surprised to see so many angels with only one wing.  I asked one of the angels why he wasn’t healed of his affliction.  He didn’t answer but simply turned and embraced another one-winged angel, and off they flew.  It was so beautiful to see how what we as humans view as an affliction could be turned into a blessing, with a little cooperation.

I was struck by the thought of what humankind could achieve if we all embraced each other and worked together.  Imagine a world where we all cooperate with each other; then all our actions would reflect the work of angels.

When we all learn to work together in harmony, we will be uplifted by our acts and notice our feet are no longer touching the ground.


  1. Baxter

    So wonderful and inspiring.but some of us are far,I wish I was near such men like you who want to cooperate with others.stay blessed