Your Celestial Candle

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Although the world is full of suffering,
It is also full of the overcoming of it.
~ Helen Keller

When you are born a candle is lit in Heaven. Its length depends on how long you are going to live, so some children have short candles and some seniors have tall ones—no bells, just candles, so everyone has a celestial candle.

When you die and get to Heaven, you are given that candle to carry and light your way, which will burn eternally except for two reasons. The first reason is if your spirit is born again into a new body and life, the light will go out on your old candle, and a new candle for your new life is lit. The second reason the candle you receive in Heaven goes out is if your loved ones grieve excessively, beyond what is reality and appropriate, their tears put out your celestial candle, causing you much grief.

Celebrate the life of the person you lost, and keep their celestial candle burning to light their way in Heaven.