Q & A with Bernie – December 14, 2020

Question for Bernie (from a reader for whom Bernie is a Chosen Dad*)

Dear Dad,

I got sad news over the weekend. A good friend is in one of our top cancer treatment institutes diagnosed with prostate cancer that has moved into the bone.  There are moments when it seems the only thing a person has to do to guarantee they come down with some form of cancer is to live long enough. You must have been very busy when you were in practice, but when I think of all the toxins and carcinogens we have put into the biosphere, the result isn’t surprising.

My grandfather’s grandfather was an MD. In his day, they believed a sub-clinical dose of anything was harmless. As I understand it, the hypothesis was if there are no symptoms, the body must be dealing with it successfully.  That hypothesis has been falsified big time. I have done my best to tell my friend what it takes to become an extraordinary patient. He can be very intuitive, so I have strongly recommended he listen to his intuition.

I hope your Thanksgiving was good. I am more inclined to observe an indigenous day of mourning, but I did participate in The Manchester Road Race.

The race was not run, but those of us who volunteer to support the race with amateur radio communications did a simulated race. It met the definition of a training exercise, but we also had fun.

Peace and Wishes for All the Best.
Bernie’s Answer:

Tell your friend to visit my website https://berniesiegelmd.com for resources, and also get my book Love, Medicine & Miracles as a starter.

There is a survivor personality.  Tell him the body responds to what he visualizes.  His mind is his tool for repair.

– Bernie

Response to Bernie’s Answer:

Thanks, Dad.
I already told him to find the book. I didn’t remember about the website. I’ll forward the message to him.  As we are both mechanics, I told him he might think of Love Medicine and Miracles as a shop manual on how to be an extraordinary patient.


* Chosen Dad: If you didn’t grow up with someone who cared for you as a divine child worthy of your own care, I am happy to become your CD, or Chosen Dad, and provide you with the needed love and encouragement as you learn to accept and love yourself. Remember, up to the age of six, a child is basically under hypnosis due to their brain wave patterns. So it is not an easy job to let go of the negative messages you have heard throughout your life.

Go to this link on my website by clicking here: https://berniesiegelmd.com/2019/09/find-the-divine-child-within/

Peace and Love,
– Bernie