Old Wounds

The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come.
~ Joseph Campbell

We all carry old wounds within us; for some they are physical and for others they are emotional.  There are any reasons why these wounds don’t heal and why we continue to hold on to them.  For some they offer a way of life that protects them from being whole and having to live a life with responsibilities.  For others, the constant eating away of their body and soul by old wounds keeps them from healing.

The other night I dreamt of sewing up old wounds in many people.  As a surgeon, I found this very interesting.  I know it is related to what is happening in my life and my resolve to change my ways and help heal relationships with members of my family.

It also made me realize that it is never too late to close old wounds and start again as a whole human being, free of the hurts of the past.  The possibility to heal is always there.  We always have the freedom to choose healing.  We don’t have to live with the scars, injuries, and wounds of the past.

Work on healing your old wounds, and don’t be afraid to ask others for help.

– Bernie