Pray for Me

If you do not know what to pray for, recite the alphabet and let God create the prayer.

If I asked you what I could pray for, for you, what would you answer?  Stop and think about your answer.  Most people ask for prayers relating to personal needs and desires:  health, wealth, peace of mind, a new job, and whatever poses a problem in their life at the moment.

While visiting my ninety-five-hear-old mother-n-law, who was having a tough day at the nursing home, I asked her, “What can I pray for, for you?”  I was trying to let her vent her anger and needs. I was expecting her to say pray for a nurse to come, better food, someone to change my bed, or something similar.

She paused for a moment and said, “World peace.”

Needless to say, I shall never forget that moment and the respect I felt for her.  She had transcended herself and her needs.  How many of us will reach that point in our lives?

What can I pray for, for you, today? Give some thought to what you are asking for. While personal prayers ease our life’s journey, prayers for the greater good of our fellow human beings enhance our lives in untold measures.

– Bernie