Sun and Son


My Prescription for the Soul below, when used according to directions, gives each of us a chance to be a source of light

Peace & Love,

She had made the best of time
and time had returned the compliment.
~ Lord Byron

I notice that the sun rises every morning with nary a complaint.  Day after day it’s up at the crack of dawn, spreading the light no matter what the weather conditions are.  Our son gets up much later and still has many complaints and problems about himself and the world he encounters.

What is the difference between what the sun sees and what our son sees?  One looks to spread the light and asks for nothing but the cheerful day.  Our son is constantly looking for a better life for himself where the things that disturb him will no longer exist.

The sun has been around a lot longer and knows the right way to have a day of happiness.  Our son is still learning, through his problems and feelings, how to find happiness in the new day.  We each have that choice.  We can bring more light or dark to the world, by our choice each morning.

Do you choose to bring the light or the clouds? Choose to be a source of sunshine for someone today.