River of Life

We are one with each other
as the waves are one with the ocean.


I always think of the river of life as our bloodstream, one that flows into the sea of eternity.  Nothing really ends, it just changes form.

But if your life is a river, stop and think about where the source is.  You were given a beginning and a life by the flow from others.  Then which way did your river go?  What has deepened it? Dammed it? Created turbulence? Calmed it? Warmed it? Lived within it? What has joined it, and what has it joined?  Where is it going? What has it tumbled over?

This is your life.  Are you finding your way or letting others direct the flow?  Yes, we all must interact and change directions at times, but it is vital to maintain our own way.  When you are depleted because of a drought in your life, remember you can be replenished by the waters from above.  Go to a higher source.

Your bloodstream is unique while still a part of the great sea of life.