Time Out

The time to relax is when
you don’t have time for it.

~ Jim Goodwin and Sydney J. Harris

TODAY WAS QUIET AND PEACEFUL.  I wasn’t going anywhere.  I was just being me.  And it felt good to be me.  That’s a change.  The old me would have been too busy doing things, never even making time for a nap.

Often we run around with our many to-do lists and never have the time to even get to know ourselves.  Perhaps if we took the time for inner quiet, a short nap, or for doing nothing, we would accomplish a great deal more.

Do nothing to accomplish everything. Put a nap and quiet time at the top of your list today. Don’t wait for a physical affliction to force you to change your schedule.

– Bernie

  1. Игорь

    Thank you for the kind words. That does sound like an annoying issue with WebEx. I ll think about ways to better handle that. Don t worry, I have no plans to make Time Out a mandatory subscription. I like my current supporter model. Постоянно напоминает мне, что пора оторваться от монитора. Глаза действительно стали меньше уставать. Очень удобно, что можно по-своему настроить каждый перерыв, особенно радует возможность убрать кнопки “пропустить” и “отложить” – я вечно ими злоупотребляю. А тут – без шансов. Купила годовую подписку и не пожалела. Рекомендую! Reminds me to give my eyes some rest, so they are not so tired in the evening as they were before. Like the possibility to customise the breaks, especially to disable break skip and postpone (I always use those buttons if they are available and now the app just doesn’t leave me a choice). Got 12-Month Supporter and I am fully pleased with it. Thanks a lot! Suggestion: It would be great if the Activity feature allowed to see total amount of time spent during the day for every app that it tracks.