Q & A with Bernie – May 24, 2021


Hello Dr. Bernie Siegel,

I was diagnosed last week on Monday, and likely sent you the message sometime after that. So you may have not even had a chance to read it. In my late 20’s and mid 30’s my therapist and spiritual mentor mentioned to me that she was your first Exceptional Patient, that she survived having a diagnosis of terminal cancer, was expected to live only 6 months. I attended her funeral in 2007, and she had lived for more than 35 years following that original diagnosis and died from pneumonia, not cancer.

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer last Monday, I have very small amounts on both of my hip bones and in my sternum and am considered an “interesting case.” Tulia helped me to develop my intuition and spiritually as well, not just therapy/counseling. In December I was leaving my oncologist’s office and heard my intuitive voice say “your doctor is going to save your life” I challenged the voice by saying “well, she’s already doing that, she does tests, labs, she monitors me, she’s already saving my life” and the voice repeated itself “your doctor is going to save your life.” So in February, when she called me to order a PET scan and MRIs, I kind of felt like the knowing recipient of a surprise birthday party – I knew “something” was headed my way, even if I didn’t know the entire story!!!!! 🙂

When my doctor gave me my life expectancy, I shook my head at her very intelligent, authoritative voice, and told her about the intuitive voice. Her eyes widened a little. I reminded her that I had said to her when she was ordering the tests that “whether you see something that has to be monitored, or we catch something or something that makes an interesting journal article, I want you to know that I have a feeling that everything is going to be okay” I could tell she remembered me saying this to her. I said to her “I’ve predicted marriages, babies, I didn’t invest in Enron, I didn’t get in an elevator that got stuck 10 minutes later. I think this one is going to go a bit differently than you expect it to.” She then made a nice comment about listening to her intuition and I realized that she was receptive to what I was saying, even if it was a bit out of the box.

Bernie, I am writing to you to kindly ask for advice. I know you are very busy and respect your time. I know I’m going to need to make a lot of lifestyle changes. I’m going to need to change to an 80% plant based diet. I have the sense there are other changes I will need to make. This is not like a kid’s magic trick, I realize she is not saving my life on her own. Some of my medical professionals or others have remarked about my confidence or positive attitude and I’ve said “this is not either of those. This is outside of me. I am still the anxious, neurotic person I’ve always been who worries about taking the elevator down a couple of flights and opening the milk. This feeling I have – it exists from a place that is beyond me, that is the only way to describe it.” I am willing to do the work it takes to be here. I know I am here for a purpose.

  1. I keep getting intuitive messages about my recovery. Some of them kind of astonish me. For example, my oncologist told me “you can’t take vitamins” and I have a big bottle. My intuition told me “hold on to them, you’ll be taking them soon.”  I am not clueing everyone “in” on my other messages—I don’t want to overwhelm anyone. Is this common to receive information like this, or is this happening, because I am intuitive? For now….I am hanging on to the vitamins! 🙂
  2. Very few people in my personal life know that I am stage 4. I had told people I was getting the biopsy and when they’ve inquired about the results, I’ve responded with “the breast cancer has returned and is treatable,” because the way they interact with me with that information is so drastically different than if they knew the truth. Two of the people who know the truth have taken me for an ice cream cone, which sounds very nice, but that is a fond memory I shared in early 2020 at my Mom’s funeral, so I know they are thinking about me, well….you know…….so obviously, I do not want to eat too much ice cream and am keeping the list of in the know people small, and am reminding people they are not buying a dying woman ice cream!!!
  3. I know I have a purpose for being here, but am not 100% sure what it is. Have you had other people feel this way? This comes through strong too – that I have a purpose. I love to do creative things. I have some people in my life I care about. But none of them stands out as “the” purpose.
  4. I am reading your book Love, Medicine and Miracles. I bought your 2nd book but have not started it yet, am re-reading your 1st book to fully absorb the messages. Are there any current books or audios that you would recommend?

Bernie, I truly do not know why the message comes so strongly that I will survive this. If you met me in person, you would realize that I am not entirely a confident person, I am a person with an anxiety disorder. The fact that this message comes through so definite – and repeatedly in different ways, have you had exceptional patients have experiences like this?

Thank you for your time and help. I will say that reading the start of your book, I can truly say that your message has reached far and wide. I’ve told all of my doctors that I’ve spoken to about my intuitive voice and none of them have questioned it or said anything about my life expectancy other than that I will survive. Thank you and God bless you for helping so many people to heal themselves and for medical people to learn a perspective about healing.

Again, I do understand and respect if you do not have time to respond. I am simply trying to find all of the answers, all of the solutions to understand as much as I could. Thank you very much.


Where do you live?  Can I get you to do drawings I can interpret to guide you with intuitive wisdom? Also, read my books, visit my website, and know there is hope—have faith.

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