Personal Growth and Reaching Your Full Potential

This is a guest post by Prudence Sinclair.

Good morning, lovely YOU!

I have been so happy seeing it stay light outside until almost 9PM where I live. I tend to get a little down in the winter when the light leaves around 4:30. But having that golden light until nighttime is such a comfort.

Of course, having said that, I am aware, as are you I’m sure, that we just had the summer solstice last week, and that marks the longest day of the year, when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky. The summer solstice marks the beginning of the summer season, a time of tremendous growth in the natural world. This makes it a perfect time to reflect on our own personal growth and think about how we want to continue that growth throughout the rest of the year.

So how do we plan for even more personal growth? How can we ensure that along each step of this human journey, we are always focused on self-actualization and reaching our full potential?

Here are some tips to help you always stay on the abundant path of self-growth:

1. Know Yourself

“To thine own self be true.”

Well, if you don’t know yourself, that can be pretty difficult.

Self-knowledge is necessary for self-actualization. And knowing yourself means more than just knowing your likes and dislikes. Sure, know those as well, but dig deeper. Think about when you’ve fallen in love with someone and you wanted to know EVERYTHING about them. Fall in love with yourself and WANT to understand what makes you tick. What are your hopes, fears, goals, biggest joys, etc.

Getting to know yourself will require you have a lot of alone time to reflect. You might want to take some solo day trips this summer, or just sit in the backyard with a cup of tea, a notebook and pen. Just be sure to give yourself this time.

2. Surround Yourself with Supportive People

Just as a garden requires nourishment to grow, people require the same. Be sure that the people you surround yourself with feed your heart, mind and soul with positivity and goodness.

3. Weed Those Toxic People

If you don’t pull the weeds in your garden, they will eventually choke out your veggies and flowers. The same can be said for toxic and negative people. They will choke the very joy and life out of you. Be sure to pull as many of them out of your life so you can flourish and grow.

4. Be Observant and Thankful

Before you have a big watermelon in your garden, you have a tiny green shoot just popping out of the ground. Just because you can’t see the HUGE things you want in your life, doesn’t mean they aren’t making their way to you. Be more observant of all the good in your life and be thankful for that bounty!

5. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Everyone’s garden grows differently. Someone else may have put their tomato plants in at the very end of May while someone put them in mid-June. The first person will see tomatoes before the second person. But both WILL have tomatoes.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Personal growth happens at different rates and we all plant seeds at different times in our life. Just focus on tending to your growth and giving yourself everything you need in this life to thrive.

6. Have New Experiences

I would always have trouble growing beets and carrots and it would always really, really bug me. Then one year I decided to try some new veggies and I had more cucumbers and eggplant than I knew what to do with!

Trying new things and meeting new people is an incredibly important part of growth. New people and experiences are like fertilizer. They enrich the soil of our lives and give us opportunities to see what else we can do, think, want, need, feel, see and BE!

7. Get in Touch with Nature

Personal growth requires that we be grounded in reality. And there is no better way to get grounded than to get in touch with nature. Spend this summer unplugged. Get away from the TV and other digital devices that only feed us an unrealistic and skewed view of the world. Be around plants and animals as much as possible. This is beauty and this is truth.

Summer is one of my favorite times of year because it is a constant reminder of the beauty and abundance of life. This summer, as you see the colorful flowers and gorgeous fruits and veggies at your local farmer’s market and roadside produce stands, let them be a reminder of your own personal growth. Support this growth and give yourself whatever you need to thrive and flourish.

Love you,