Q & A with Bernie – July 26, 2021

Question for Bernie:

Hi Bernie,

You won’t believe it, Bernie. I’m supposed to have surgery tomorrow and had an MRI done this morning. My tumor is gone—or what they thought was a tumor has disappeared. I’m feeling so blessed right now. They think maybe one explanation is that it was a vasculitis.

You are one of the first people I wanted to share the happy news with.

Peace and love ~

Bernie’s Answer:

Anything is possible with faith and an unwavering intent to be in control of your healing. Tumors do disappear.

Drawing images of your healing process, whether to overcome certain fears or to design your perfect outcome, is a powerful way for any of us to begin taking charge of our own body.

But, as you now know, the real key is to learn to love and trust yourself. You’ve experienced how profound this message is for all of us. Thank you for sharing your good news.


Message for Bernie:

Hi Bernie,

I hope you’re doing well.  I have written a poem that I would like to dedicate to you about peace, serenity, silence, and Nature’s gifts.

I hope you like it.

In the Silence of the Morning

In the silence of the morning
in the whisper of a breeze,

when birds awake to morning light
in ancient knowing trees,

when fields are fresh with morning dew
and the River shares its Peace…

Nature’s love bestowed each day
in gifts that never cease.

Bernie’s Response:

This is a beautiful reminder that we have the gifts of happiness at our fingertips every day. All we have to do is open our eyes, ears, and hearts.

Thank you,

  1. Pernilla

    Always happy to get the notification that your blog has been updated like today. What a lovely posting – truly wonderful and happy messages making me smile inside and out!