Face Value

One of our sons was upset when he built a house and didn’t make a profit selling it. I was proud of what he had done.I told him he had created something that would give me and others pleasure every time we drove past it. The pleasure I derived was from what he created and the quality of his work. It was not related to how much money he made or lost. I honor his work because of what he put into it and not the sale price.

Do you build and work only to make money, or do you also value creating something? Everything has its its result, and the  long-term results are ultimately not in the dollar sign but in the life sign.

To see your true worth, see the value in what you do or create beyond its material compensation.

– Bernie

  1. Pernilla

    You are spot on again Bernie – Have been thinking about the same issues lately. I am creating with other values than the monetary in mind but sometimes get frustrated/upset when such endevours aren´t recognised or appreciated by others.