Don’t fight the river;
it flows on its own

~ Anonymous

We can fight the tide and get nowhere. Trying to move against the tide or swim upstream is ineffective. You are fighting the energy of nature, and it never works to fight against the forces of creation.

When you fight the forces of nature it is either because you are unwise or because you have desires you are unwilling to give up. So you fight the forces of life and get nowhere. Then you become bitter and resentful because life is not flowing the way you want it to.

Why not change the direction of the rudder of your desires, go with the tide, and have the wind at our back? It may not be the most direct way to get where you want to go, but you will be going with the flow of life and becoming a part of the process of creation rather than a force resisting nature.

Use the forces nature provides and save your energy.

~ Bernie

  1. Elaine Lamagna

    Bernie – how wonderful to hear you speak again! You look wonderful and still possess your LIFE -GIVING dynamic qualities…..but then of course, you do because you are your authentic self. You continue to bless my life…..since I first read Life, Medicine and Miracles so many many years ago. I treasure all your books and tapes and DVD’s. THANK YOU for all you have given to all of us…..but particularly to me as I have been a responsible participate in all my medical care and have amazing resilience to overcome physical mental and emotional challenges. THANK YOU for teaching me to LIVE so very many years ago – I am still going strong. God bless you always, Elaine