Q & A with Bernie – January 3, 2022

Comments to Bernie

Dear Dr. Siegel –

As a APRN (inspired by you and Dr. Seltzer) I am writing on News Year Day to thank you. When I was a young girl I had a gangilaneuroma (pelvic). It grew back when I was 13 and you called in Dr. Effie Chang to save my ovary. She did.

When I was 16, you graciously agreed to come to my high school and give a talk to my psychology class. You had us draw pictures and you interpreted them based on colors and position of our families.

About 10 years ago I contacted you to say thank you and we actually spoke on the phone.  This is another thank you. Your book 365 Prescriptions for the Soul has been loved, read and re-read as my husband went through stage 3 male breast cancer. We now live and breathe by the book that our dear friend Joan gave us (it was signed by you).

We have since sent that book on to other friends with cancer and continue to buy books and send them out. I wanted to start the New Year out with a thank you. All my love and gratitude to being part of who I am, how I practice and how I live my life

I still remember the Physicians Building 🙂 and the colored stripes on the floor in the old Dana Building!

Bernie’s Reply

God bless you. You made my day.

Get in touch again when the weather is nice and i will come and visit. We used to have a house on Cape Cod and loved the feel of nature around us

I couldn’t get my wife to move there years ago   She died 4 years ago January.

Peace, love & healing,
~ Bernie

P.S. – I still read 365 Prescriptions for the Soul every day, too.