Q & A with Bernie – January 31, 2022

An inspirational update to Bernie from a former patient ~

Hello Dr. Siegel,
You performed surgery on me back in 1986 at a hospital in New Haven. I forget the name of the hospital. But I will never forget you. I was 27 years old and I had a mysterious breast lump (that turned out to be benign 🙂 ) I had chosen to not undergo anesthesia and to remain awake for the surgery. I was frightened at the last minute that I may have made a mistake in choosing that.

I can still remember you walking down the hall to come and get me from the waiting room. You sat and talked with me and made me feel cared for and heard. You held my hand as we walked down the hall together to the surgery room. During the surgery, you included me in the conversation you were having with the attendants in the surgery room. The conversation was light and loving and happy. I felt so cared for and knew that I was in the best hands. You were such an amazing presence. I have never met another doctor that can hold a candle to you or to that experience I had that day.

I think I wrote you a thank you note after the surgery but I’m not sure. In case I did not – please know how important your way of being was for me as I am sure is the same with all of your patients. I felt truly blessed that day and not just because the lump was benign. I found out over the years more about you and the work you do outside of being a surgeon.

I am now enrolled in a vegan nutrition course called Mastering Raw Food Nutrition taught by Drs. Rick and Karin Dina. There is a section in this course that talks about your book, Love, Medicine & Miracles. The teachers are big fans of yours. They teach about the psychological factors in health & healing, and they rave about your work. That is what prompted me to look you up and find this website. So, now I can send you a proper thank you.

Peace and hugs to you. God bless you for all that you do.