Q & A with Bernie – February 28, 2022

Guide to The Art of Healing

In my book, The Art of Healing, I show patients and doctors how they can use their own drawings to help understand illness—and you don’t have to be a great artist to use this valuable insight.  Here is an example of drawings a doctor sent to me and my interpretation of the nonverbal messages that emerge.  Often these messages, once interpreted, can support healing in a profound way.

My interpretation ~

Drawing on left:

Why is the number 3 important to you?          3 lights on ceiling; the time on clock

In the operating room there is no human connection, no touching, no communication, and no arms to reach out with; no humanity is present.

Drawing on the right:

In this drawing, more humanity and sensory organs are present with hands and some color. I don’t know what that stream represents, and is the other person your patient?  If so, when treating a person and not a disease, good things happen to both of you—reach out with hands and arms for a healthy grip.

Grow ears where there are none in the drawing, and listen to your patients and what their needs are.

– Bernie