Q & A with Bernie – April 18, 2022

Question for Bernie:

Dr. Siegel,

I am from Guatemala. I just finished my surgery residency. For the past 5 years I have follow your teachings. I admire your courage and your leadership. It would be a great gift in life if I could meet you. Do you give this kind of opportunity? The medical world needs more of your kind and I just want to learn more from you.

Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards.

Bernie’s Answer:

Read my books Love, Medicine & Miracles and The Art of Healing to start with.

Using crayons, draw yourself working as a doctor and email it for me to discuss with you.  We can also  discuss what I am attaching.


Response to Bernie:

Dr Siegel,

I felt so happy and lucky to find your emails and what an honor it would be to meet you.  I will find a way to travel and meet you in person someday soon, I hope. For now I will greatly appreciate our emails exchange or zoom meeting. I will love to learn from you any means available.

I have read your books, I have seen and heard your talks and enjoyed them, I practice what I could of them during my residency. I loved to find a mystical surgeon with a holistic view of the patient. Surgical residency does not teach an integrated view of the patient.

I also enjoyed the books of Elizabeth Kubler Ross.

I draw myself as you told me and attached it. I am not sure if I am a surgeon though or if I am just a different surgeon from the prototypes that I have known here.

Thank you for your availability. Looking forward for your answer.