Q & A with Bernie – June 20, 2022

Question for Bernie:

Hi Bernie,

I got a little busy and distracted for a while. How are you doing? I hope all is well with you.

I have a question—after you retired, were you exclusively speaking and conducting workshops or did you still see patients in private consultation? I know you still kept the eCap group going.

PS: I finally drew a picture of myself. I’ve attached it below. I was surprised at how strange I look and  didn’t seem happy–would love to know your thoughts.

Bernie’s Answer:

You look a bit startled eyes wide open, but you are a complete person and the healthy tree is you also with six branches, I believe. The sun is shining with 9 ½  rays.

You have all the parts you need. One arm is weaker than the other, but fingers for gripping things are there.  Your neck a bit thin and long.  You have a nose to breathe.

Your dress is purple which is a spiritual color.

What you need is support–there is nothing under your feet to hold you up, and don’t stick your neck out.


To readers, a message from Bernie:
In these days of challenges, I want to share the uplifting message below from a fellow reader.

Peace and Love to All,

Message to Bernie:
Firstly, I had an appointment with my dental surgeon today who after examining me said to come back for a checkup in 3 months. So relieved.

Then on my way down to the hospital café, I thought to pop into the prayer room just give thanks for how grateful I felt with the results. I noticed a one other in the prayer room bent over in a chair looking very upset. I just had to go over and gently rub her back and sent her comfort in my thoughts….she relaxed and started to cry. I just stood a moment, then left quietly….

Then in the café, I noticed information on the table. (You are having an influence).

Then a lady asked to sit with me. She told me she was almost blind and deaf and her hearing aid battery fell out on the way to the hospital. She’s 99, a retired nurse who trained at the very hospital we are sitting in. I asked her permission to take her photo.

What a day… positive energy as all around. Your book that I have started to read must have an effect on me?!

Be well Bernie and keep up your good work!