Q & A with Bernie – August 1, 2022

Question for Bernie:

How do I become more involved with your teaching/what you do?

Nearly 30 years ago I was diagnosed with an Anaplastic Astrocytoma, and a good friend of mine at the time gave me a copy of Love, Medicine and Miracles. Needless to say, I read it faster than any other book I ever had (I’m not much of a reader), employed much of what I read (including a lot of visualization) throughout my treatment and beyond, and became – I think – a better person in the process. In my case it was the death of my sister 10 months prior that was my ‘Event’.

I still remember the moment I read that in your book along with your anecdotes from survivors. I may have dropped your book while letting out a big ‘duh!’ before realizing that I was going to be OK and survive this. Then I went to work on surviving so much so that my neurosurgeon, who, even as wonderful and skilled as he is, once said to me that they ‘all come back’ when talking about my tumor, but has since apologized and declared me cured a couple years back.

I feel I need to pay it forward, to share what you’ve shared. It’s never felt right to keep this to myself, and I always mention your name and books whenever I (infrequently) hear about someone facing that ‘uphill’ battle. I want to do more; I don’t know what it is though. Can you help me?

Cancer Patient, err SURVIVOR since December 1994

Bernie’s Answer:

Be who you are and share your story.

Visit patients, start a support group, hand out my books, and disclose a website address.  Also, talk to the hospital staff for their insights and assistance.