Q & A with Bernie – July 25, 2022

Question for Bernie:

Hi Dr Siegel,
I was wondering where I can find the source for the study you referenced on page 133 of ‘Love, Miracles & Medicine’? It’s the study out of England where 30% of the control group lost their hair, even without chemotherapy. I would love to look into this further as I find it really fascinating. Do you have a link to the study?
Kind regards.

Bernie’s Answer:

No, I don’t have a link if it isn’t in the book. I can’t recall over four decades ago.  But I can say that I don’t fabricate comments, and do see the power of the mind in the drawings I encourage patients to create and send to me about their fear of side effects from treatment among many other issues around treatment.

I will check the page, too, however, and see if I can help you find the study.


Response to Bernie:

That’s okay. I absolutely believe it. My mum is currently diagnosed with breast cancer and we’ve found that mindset is such a crucial part of healing. I will have her read your book once I’ve finished it.

I was just hoping to read the study myself and share with some friends who are more skeptical. I don’t need to see it to believe it! 🙂

Kindest regards.

Response back from Bernie:

Let me say that the docs at Yale began to enjoy interacting with my “crazy patients” because they didn’t have side effects from either chemo or radiation.  When one of my patients was asked why she didn’t have the expected side effects from chemo, her answer was, “I get out of the way and let it go to my tumor.” She didn’t focus on the chemo causing her to lose her hair, but instead on it doing its job on the tumor—she redirected her focus away from the dreaded side effect of hair loss into a powerful vision of the chemo destroying the tumor cells.

If your mom is going to receive chemo or radiation in her treatment, have her draw herself receiving them and then email her drawings to me.  I will interpret them to show her how she can have control over her body and treatment without the distraction of focusing on side effects.

Encourage her to use crayons in all colors.  In my book, The Art of Healing, there are many drawings to inspire her.  Even the simplest drawings can reveal insights that help break through fear changing focus so the body heals without suffering side effects of treatment.