“Who in the world am I?  Ah, that is the question!”
~ Lewis Carroll

Discovering who we are is a major undertaking.  Too often we destroy who we are in order to create what others want from us.

I use drawings a great deal to help people learn who they are.  It may be a simple drawing of yourself or one that shows you in various careers or educational pursuits.  The symbolic language that comes from the unconscious tells the truth.  There is a deeper wisdom that comes from, I have to say it, God knows where.  It is the instinctive, intuitive wisdom that we so often bury or block out of our consciousness.

Life is meant to be about self-discovery and not self-destruction.  The joy is in trying, experiencing, tasting, feeling, and finding ourselves.

Do not destroy the person within you that you need to meet, acknowledge, and become.