Q & A with Bernie – August 8, 2022

A Special Message of Inspiration to Bernie:

Hi Bernie,

God is Good, Number One—I am a Christian and wholly receive God’s love and grace daily. Love, forgiveness, and thankfulness are the most important things to go forward.

~  1984 rocked my world, divorced, breast  cancer, and reconstruction… I was 35 years old.

~  1987 I remarried and soon after found out that my breast cancer was now metastatic,  a huge mediastinal mass in the middle of my chest.  I was told I had an even chance of getting into remission, but less than 10% chance of surviving 5 years!  Ha!

~  For sure the physicians don’t know everything!  I know your 1st book was encouraging to me, and I met you at a workshop here in Indy.

~  I spent my time in chemo going from bed to bed encouraging patients to have hope and love in their lives.  I met with a team of oncology nurses to tell them not to feel sad for their patients, but to show love and hope, cancer is not death.

~  My oncologist then said I was a walking talking miracle, and I said I knew it!  That oncologist retired and I am still going strong.

~  2011 I had a “bad chest X-ray”—ha-ha, the cancer came back in my pleural lining and ribs.  The new woman oncologist was acting like I had a death sentence…I fired her.

~  Now I am Stage IV, so what!  I changed oncologists, and changed hormones, etc., and I am going strong.

~ 2017, a CBC was out of whack…..I now have CML!  (God, You have to be kidding me!)  So much chemo and radiation,  it looks like physicians had never seen anyone live this long…they say I am getting secondary malignancies,  how about that? I also got a breast reduction surgery to lessen the chances of my breast cancer resurfacing.

~  But I am living in a world of modern medicine, living a thankful life.

~  My Stage IV breast cancer is NED…no evidence of disease!  My CML is under control, fits and starts but the appropriate dose is working.

My purpose of this correspondence is to encourage you and other patients.  Live, love, and  experience your best life.

Thank you for all you do—I love your books.

As I write this, I am turning 73 this month, my only complaint is my arthritic knees.  God is good.

Bernie’s Answer:

I want to hug you!  Here is your remarkable, uplifting story on my website to inspire all of my readers around the world.  They and I thank you for sharing your moving experience and wisdom.

Love and peace,


    love your body it makes a difference