Q & A with Bernie – September 12, 2022

Question for Bernie:

Hi, Bernie!  How do I let go of injustice from being injured by an abusive surgeon and the mega-hospital corporation that decided he was “within his scope of work” and just “needs to work on communication”?

This surgeon performed a made up version of Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA) in a series of unannounced grabs, no explanation or anesthesia.  He forced me into positions I couldn’t be in, didn’t stop when I cried out in pain for him to stop, didn’t document or explain what he had done.  This is not all, but I’ll spare you the long version.

Bottom line, how do I let this go?  I have been receiving bi-monthly osteopathic manipulations for over a year now to put me back together.  I still have some physical issues.  My DO is now telling me my tissues are healed (great!), but my holding onto what happened is blocking me from healing any further.  He said my energy source is disconnected.  Indeed, I haven’t had a good night sleep since May 2021 when this happened – not even 2-3 hours a night.

I am exhausted, emotional, and obsessed with calling them out in a hunger strike protest and through news sources.  I don’t think I can let go of the need for justice (this isn’t just about me – there’s more to it), but I want to be more of the omniscient viewer to what has occurred as opposed to the still injured victim. I know this must happen, but I can’t wrap my head around how to do it for myself.

I am open and grateful to ANY suggestions!

You are what I call an Angel Among Us…A person who is dedicated to lighting the way for others.   Thank you!

Bernie’s Answer:

You can hire a lawyer and sue for malpractice, but this won’t quiet your mind and life.

For your peace you need to forgive and move on. You can communicate with him about your feelings and see if he says, “I am sorry”.

If he makes excuses, he is the problem and you need to forgive and move on. Try saying, “I love you” to him, and you are sorry for what his life has been like, and you love him despite the problems and see what it does.

And love your body every day to help it to heal.


Response to Bernie:

Thank you for your swift reply, Bernie.  It made me cry because I don’t feel evolved enough for some of your suggestions that I know in my heart are true for healing.

I immediately sat down and wrote a letter to the doctor and did my best to communicate what I’ve been through, how it’s made me feel, expressed that I’m sorry if something from his past caused him to act that way toward me and welcomed a response.

Writing the letter to him as a human being and not an abusive doctor is already helpful.  I’m not really expecting a response, but wouldn’t it be amazing if he writes back?

Bernie’s Answer:

Tell him it would help him to draw a picture of himself working as a doctor

I could look at it and help him to know himself better. Most paintings and sketches show doctors without patients.

If he responds ask him if he has my Love, Medicine & Miracles book. If not, get him a copy and along with my book The Art of Healing which includes drawings.

Suggest he check out my website www.berniesiegelmd.com.


Response to Bernie:

I just ordered Love, Medicine & Miracles.  If he responds, I’ll send the other.  I want to read them too!  I have to be honest, Bernie.  I’ve known of you for a long time, but never read your books.

Today I watched your talk through the IIN course that I’m taking.  I messaged you through your website.  I’ve been praying for guidance the past few days and I asked for signs.  I loved your talk and here we are.  I’m amazed you responded.