Q & A with Bernie – October 3, 2022

Question for Bernie:

Dear Bernie:

My tumor markers are now 46 – 8 away from normal. I’m very grateful. This is the lowest they’ve been. My energy level is much better too, so I feel my body is getting healthier.

For the next four months or so, I am facing a LOT of medical appointments – dental work, physical therapy, 2 MRIs for my compressed spinal fractures, starting with a new allergist, starting with a new dermatologist, my flu shot, my COVID booster – and it goes on and on and on.

This week – I have four medical appointments that I KNOW about. I have a tooth bothering me, so I’m hoping to add the dentist in there too who can provide professional oral procedures like dental crowns, invisalign, etc. Good thing is that the family dentist I frequently visit has a flexible schedule so I can visit anytime.

Bonus Dad, I am so grateful the cancer is getting better. I also realize that the appointments and tests I have – are things I need to take care of. I’m NOT looking at serious issues. I need to stay grateful for that.

That being said – I’m exhausted before I’ve begun all of this! I make plans to do the appointments and then things change. Two weeks ago, I had an allergy reaction to an antibiotic – totally unexpected – I’m still itchy. So I had to put off the 2 MRIs because I’m itchy. I have to see the dermatologist tomorrow. This stuff is basically running my life.

I also don’t know what my body is telling me – I got a 2 week sinus infection, then a 2 week upper respiratory infection and then the allergy reaction to the antibiotic, so I’ve had additional illness on top of everything else which has created delays. I send my body love. My body has told me it wants to live, it knows I want to live. How can I get through this period of so many appointments etc.?

Thank you very much.

Bernie’s Answer:

You are still in conflict and your body responds to that with more troubles.  Work on the love of yourself and body every day multiple times.

You don’t face appointments—you either see them as steps to wellness or stop going, or doing what others tell you.

Find inner calm and you will heal.

Bernie, Bonus Dad