True Therapy

If you really want to understand me, please hear what I am not saying,
what I may never be able to say.

~ Anonymous

If we all would really listen to each other, we could save on therapy by seeing one another as the beautiful creations we are.

A while back, my wife and I were due to go to a wedding.  Bobbie refused to go, saying, “I have nothing to wear.  Nothing fits right anymore.”

I replied, “Okay, dear, let’s go shopping and I’ll buy you a new dress.”  I must have said that a million times with no response.  One day, tired of trying to motivate her to shop, I responded differently.  She said, “I have nothing to wear.  I am not going to the wedding.”

I responded, “You are so beautiful it makes no difference what you wear.  No one notices your clothing.  They only see your beauty.”  My wife went to the wedding wearing a dress she had in the closet.  I saved a lot of money, but more importantly, she felt good about herself.

Listen to what someone isn’t saying today and then respond to what they really mean.