Q & A with Bernie – November 28, 2022

Question for Bernie:

Hi Bernie,

I am a 41 year old married father of three and reside just out of Boston. Recently (a week ago) I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. I have chosen to go vegan and also I am at a crossroads. I’m not sure the stage yet but the doctors want to give me chemo and radiation to shrink the tumor and then cut it out. Also I will be left with a colostomy bag maybe permanently.

I have found the Hoxsey Clinic in Mexico and am reading the book that you were featured in. Great read by the way so far, lol. My question is, by your research am I  crazy listening to the chemo and radiation therapy when I can cure it naturally? Just looking for some advice. If this reaches you, thank you for your time.

Bernie’s Answer:

There is no wrong decision.  Read my books Love, Medicine & Miracles and The Art of Healing.  When the chemo is your healing gift, you don’t have the side effects others have.

~ Bernie

Response to Bernie’s Answer:

Thank you, that’s the answer I was looking for. God bless.