How to Take Action in 2023

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This is a guest post by Prudence Sinclair.

Good afternoon, lovely YOU!

It’s getting to be that time when we start to think about the year ahead. These last few years have been extremely hard, to put it mildly. Covid lockdowns, out of control inflation, a recession and looming depression, wars and more wars, and the threat of even more wars!

So it’s understandable that we all want 2023 to actually be a great year. But the thing is, we can’t control what other people do. We can’t control what our government does or what another government does. We can’t control the Federal Reserve or other Western Central Banks, and we can’t control the lunatics we encounter online and in our everyday lives.

The only people we can control are ourselves!

Get Control of Yourself in 2023

Do you have a history of setting a New Year’s resolution but never really seeing it through? Do you find yourself wishing for something great to happen in the coming year, but don’t commit to bringing that thing to fruition?

You’re obviously not alone. In fact, most people I’ve spoken with about this have told me they struggle taking action. They can plan all day and set goals with their eyes closed. But taking those ideas and moving into action with them? Nope. They get stuck.

Here are some of the most common ways people get (and stay) stuck:


You know there is something important you need to do to bring you closer to your goal. But for some odd, unexplainable reason, you keep putting it off and keep putting it off. It’s as if you have some sort of mental or emotional block that is stopping you from completing the task, but you can’t figure out what it is.

The Timing is Off

You’ve been excited and looking forward to taking on some sort of project. Maybe you’re going to finally take that writing class or start your side hustle. But you convince yourself that the timing just isn’t right. Either you’re too busy or you’re just not quite ready yet. Even if some time frees up for you, you come up with other excuses.


You’ve been thinking about working with a coach or trainer, or maybe starting a specific program with the intention of using these resources to reach your goal. But you hesitate because you’re not sure if it’s the right fit. Maybe this isn’t the right trainer for you. Maybe this isn’t the right therapist for you. Maybe this program isn’t any good. Maybe you won’t do well enough in the program. Nothing seems… quite right, so you’ll wait until the perfect thing/person comes along.

In all of these scenarios, what’s stopping us is fear and uncertainty. These are always the forces that stop us from moving into action; from reaching our goals and higher purpose.

The irony here is that when we face fear and uncertainty, the most powerful thing we can do to slay these age-old dragons is to step into action.

But sure, it is easier said than done. If it were easy, you would have made all of your New Year’s resolutions a reality.

While it is not easy to take action in the face of fear and uncertainty, there are some tricks I have up my sleeve to make the process simpler:

Set Your Intentions

Once you set your goal (lose 25 pounds, start that side hustle, write the book, etc.) you need to set an intention of moving into action. It’s a bit like planning on going on a car trip. You pack your car with everything you will need (planning the steps of reaching your goal), but you still have to put gas in the tank (sent your action intention) or you won’t get anywhere.

Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

There is no way around it: growth and forward movement will require you to get out of your comfort zone. You will have to become okay with feeling uncomfortable.

Be Sure Your Goal Has Meaning

Your goal must have real value and meaning or you will not put in the effort and sit with your discomfort. So make certain while setting your resolution you know exactly why you’re setting it.

For example. Someone sets a goal of losing 50 pounds because they want to look better. But that goal does not have as much meaning as setting a goal of losing 50 pounds so you will be healthy enough to walk your daughter down the aisle. The person wanting to look better will struggle after the first few weeks of getting up early and going to the gym and staying away from their favorite comfort foods. The person focused on getting healthy so they’ll be around for their daughter’s wedding has TREMENDOUS motivation!!

Baby Steps

No one says you have to take MASSIVE ACTION on day one. You just need to take some action. Even the smallest steps get you to your desired destination eventually.

Find Joy

The journey should be as beneficial as reaching the goal itself. How can you find joy in the actions you take? How can you feel wonder and the divine in your quest for a brighter tomorrow?

I want the new year to be wonderful for you. I want you to take control of your own life and take massive action so no matter what is going on in the world around you, your life is full of meaning and purpose.