Q & A with Bernie – December 26, 2022

Dear Everyone,

As we welcome the Holiday Season with Hannukah and Christmas taking us to the New Year, I wanted to share a message of hope and faith with all of you from one of my readers.

Dear Dr. Siegel,

Hope this finds you well.  I have not corresponded with you in quite some time due to being so busy (my husband has had multiple health issues and I retired last Jan. from school nursing), but am always reading your books or wondering how you are.  You were so helpful with my decision 2 years ago regarding surgery for breast cancer.  I am doing well, no signs of cancer.

I do though have severe osteoporosis which I actually had but it was discovered when I first had cancer and went on Arimidex which worsened it.  All the doctors are so worried because my bone density in the spine is so bad.  Anyway, long story short, I do not feel at all comfortable taking any of the shots or infusions such as Prolia due to the bad side effects and they stop osteoclasts from cleaning up debris, thus new bone is not quality bone, plus rebound fractures can occur.  I am still working with a ND and taking Strontium and other bone supplements, walk daily and use a weighted vest and am very active, so that is where I am at.

Today I took my sister to an appointment at Hartford Health Care, and while she was in her appointment I went to the library and took out a tape called Healing Spirit featuring Deepak ChopraBernie Siegel, and Marion Woodman.  I took it out because I knew if your name was attached to it, it would be good.  It discussed healing as being more than the disease and is spiritual. (Before breast cancer surgery) I had tried to explain that concept to one oncologist, but she simply did not understand anything beyond treatment with pharmaceuticals and/or surgery.  I tried to explain to her that being available for my daughter while she was giving birth would help so much with my healing, and as long as my surgery was not an emergency, I was waiting till the birth was over to have my procedure.  Her comment was, “I am sure someone else can be available.” I  was adamant it was going to be me  (I was there for each child and this one was going to be no different).

I had my surgery after the baby was born and I knew she was healthy.  I went into surgery strong with no worries.  What a difference I am sure that made for me.  Anyway I hope you enjoy the holidays with your family.

Peace to all in this Holiday Season, 2022.
~ Bernie