Angelic Conspirators

Dogs are angelic conspirators that know no boundaries
and will stop at nothing to bring you abundant love and happiness.
~ Joann Marie Donahue


What do you conspire to create or do?  What gives your life meaning?  Do you arise each day wondering how you can do the work of angels, or do you awaken wondering what you can do for your own sake?

Dogs are different; they are always doing the work of angels.  The word angel means “messenger.” The message of dogs is about love and relationships.  Dogs make their needs known and can be a bit annoying at dinnertime.  But their requests come from their hearts, and they always respond to our love and needs.

Think about your choices and conspire to love. Imagine sending a message of love to someone who truly needs it or wouldn’t ever expect one from you.  Be an angel, and when you awaken every day, secretly conspire to do an angelic deed.

Eventually your secret will be discovered, and when it is, develop a team of angelic co-conspirators.