My Best Day

“Life needs to be appreciated more than it needs to be understood.”

~ Stuart Heller


One day at the bank when it was my turn to approach the teller, I asked “What’s the best day of your life?”  She paused a moment and then responded, “When I gave birth to my daughter.”  A voice from across the bank called out, “Wrong.”  Then there was a discussion about how someone could tell her that she was wrong.  Before it became too heated I interrupted to say, “The best day of your life, and everyone’s life, is today.  Don’t forget that and live it.  It is the only day you have.”

I find it very easy to carry out therapy in the bank by asking the tellers questions.  Sometimes I just say, “How may I help you?” when I get to the window.  I also love to go to the drive-up window at the bank and ask, “Is my order ready?”  They all know it’s me.  When I call the office where our son, the attorney, works and tell the secretary I am an FBI agent our son always answers the phone with, “Yes, Dad, what is it?”  His secretary knows now.

If you think that’s crazy, I once called the outpatient operating room through the parking garage door intercom, where people enter to pick up post-op patients.  There is a ramp there for wheelchairs.  I didn’t identify myself; I just said, “I need someone to hold the door so I can drive my VW in and pick up a patient.”  I heard a secretary shriek in fear.  Then a moment later I heard a nurse’s voice say, “We’ll be there to help in a minute, Dr. Siegel.”

Lighten up and have your best day ever, daily.

~ Bernie