What is a deeply satisfying human life, and how do we design one?

Lenedra J. Carroll, The Architecture of All Abundance

We all desire a satisfying life.  How do we accomplish having one?  There are many ways to seek satisfaction.  We may try to get others to do things for us and yet that alone does not bring fulfillment.  Another way we search is by trying to fill our lives with material possessions.  But accumulating belongings is not what makes life satisfying.  It may make the neighbors jealous, but it won’t make your life meaningful or joyful.

Look at the wise words of the sages, who tell us to serve others, and you will find the eternal message about how to have a satisfying life.  It is not about getting acknowledgment or thanks, but the inherent joy that comes from doing for others.  Find your way of serving the world and giving it your love, and watch what it does for your life.

Serve those in need, and receive the gift of life.

~ Bernie