Q&A with Bernie – July 24, 2023

Question for Bernie:

Bernie, I was so afraid of having a dog because I fear so much death, I don’t want to suffer because of his death… It was hard to decide to have him, but a friend was giving him up for adoption, and I took him even with my fear because since I read all your books last year, I really wanted my ‘Miracles’. I do know about Miracles, your cat.

But I protect myself so much from abandonment (I think) that  maybe that’s the reason why  I don’t have a partner and I didn’t ever have a pet.

My new dog is a year old—he is still a puppy. He was called Benji, and I’ve started calling him Benjamin. I got him two weeks ago.

What do you think of my fear of death?  And yesterday when you asked me about a word that describes the situation I am living in, I was going to say ‘SCARE’.

Have any thoughts on that?

Bernie’s Answer:

Yes—eliminate what scares you from your life and keep in mind that there is nothing to fear—it  is only the fear you create that is an issue. When fear and scare leave, you will be born again.

Enjoy Benji—he will create life for you. Imitate him—he isn’t scared of things that his mind creates.  Fear does not solve anything.  Remember, when you die you are perfect again and can be reborn.


Response to Bernie’s Answer:

My Dear Bernie,

You are a special human being. I will never forget the moment you granted me knowing more about you, your life and your experiences. I laughed, I cried, I learned, and I enjoyed.

You have influenced my life on so many levels! I love my profession because of you, I have a relationship with God because of you, I believe my deceased brother is close to me because of you. I am a good doctor because of you. I have a dog, who is my miracle, because of you.

The word I wanted to answer when you asked me to tell you my difficulty in one word was scared. But I feel safer because of you. I love you Bernie. I will stay in touch!

  1. Anna

    I love Bernie too same here <3