Buddy's Candle

In Dr. Bernie Siegel’s new book, Buddy’s Candle, a father shares a meaningful story from his childhood with his nine year old son. In a gentle way, the father describes how a loving dog named Buddy not only helped him to heal when facing a serious illness, but also changed his life in miraculous ways. Buddy’s Candle is a touching and heartwarming story. In its gentle way, it helps us to deal with grief and teaches us how to live life fully and accept loss and death with an open heart. The original and charming illustrations by Mari Gayatri Stein take us on a joy filled adventure. These full spectrum color drawings add humor, and a heartfelt exuberance.

As a surgeon who has worked with people with life threatening illnesses for many years, Dr. Bernie Siegel shares in this story his belief that there is a light in each of us by God's/Dog's design. And, that we are all a part of the candle parade of light. As long as we remember to love, our candles will glow with life as will Buddy's candle across the Rainbow Bridge. This is a story both children and adults will find healing, uplifting, and inspiring.

Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 2008
Pages: 34
ISBN: 1425132278
Format / media: Paperback
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